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Protect your PC/Server against load shedding and power outages:


650 VA ups                                                                                                                         R600

 ups 2

1000 VA ups                                                                                                                       R1010    


Inverters with +/- 4 hours runtime at 400 watt load-ideal to protect PC/Server                    R7532


Internet bonding with 3g failoverInternet bonding and 3G failover solution:

So your ISP can only provide 4 meg adsl in your area and your buisness requires

More bandwith.The solution we can provide is were you could apply for two adsl

4 Meg lines with modems and for the backup failover get a 3G Modem from any

Cellular provider with the best signal in your area. We can then provide A router

That would combine and bond all two 4 meg adsl lines into an 8 meg ADSL output

Or 3G failover backup for your network. If one of the adsl lines go down then the

Other continues to provide the 4 Meg adsl and if both go down then the 3G link

Provides internet Connectivity. With both 4 meg adsl you enjoy the Combined

8 meg adsl internet.The cost of this including the router,and configuration is-                   R3999